"Best Cocktail Bar 2015 & 2016" awarded and voted by the people of Singapore, a chic restaurant & cocktail bar, Maison Ikkoku located on the second floor of 20 Kandahar Street, Singapore, serve up to 100% custom bespoke cocktail with no drinks menu, every drinks crafted from the fresh ingredients, that's what make this bar difference from others.

Director, Chef and Senior Master Mixologist, Ethan Leslie Leong did the conceptualization and interior design of Maison Ikkoku. He says, “The design concept was to blend the new and old timeless serenity with the unique two-in-1 experience. The restaurant with its bespoke drinks promotes “openness” and encourages interaction between people.”


The bar always believes in evolving, a modern twist industrial look, Maison Ikkoku boasts an organic-meets-trendy feel with greenery above the bar, vines intertwining and plants hanging naturally at where the bottles are being displayed.

“It is a whole new experience to savor at each level of drinks. regardless this is your 1st visit or returning, your day will never be the same in Maison Ikkoku” 

Maison Ikkoku
20 Kandahar Street, Level 2, 
Singapore 198885
Tel: 6294 0078

For media enquiry and images, please contact:

Ethan Leslie Leong
+65 8568 8898 ethan@maison-ikkoku.net