Best Cocktail Bar 2015 & 2016

"Best Cocktail Bar 2015 & 2016" awarded and voted by the people of Singapore, a chic restaurant & cocktail bar, Maison Ikkoku located on the second floor of 20 Kandahar Street, Singapore, serve up to 100% custom bespoke cocktail with no drinks menu, every drink crafted from the fresh ingredients, that's what makes this bar difference from others.

Designer of Maison Ikkoku The Art Of Mixology

Director, Chef and Mixologist, Ethan Leslie Leong did the conceptualisation and interior design of Maison Ikkoku The Art of Mixology. He says, “The design concept was to blend the new and old timeless serenity with the unique 2-in-1 experience. The restaurant with its bespoke drinks promotes “openness” and encourages interaction between people.”

The bar always believes in evolving, a modern twist industrial look, Maison Ikkoku boasts an organic-meets-trendy feel with greenery above the bar, vines intertwining and plants hanging naturally at where the bottles are being displayed.

“It is a whole new experience to savour at each level of drinks. regardless this is your 1st visit or returning, your day will never be the same in Maison Ikkoku” 



Maison Ikkoku The Art Of Mixology
20 Kandahar Street, Level 2, 
Singapore 198885
Tel: +65 6294 0078

Operation Hours

Sunday to Thursday: 6pm - 1am
Friday, Saturday & Eve of Public Holiday : 6pm - 2am

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Why Customers Love Us?

An Unique & Stylish Bar

"This was everything I could hope for in a small bar. The drinks were unique and innovative. The ambiance was clean, classy and stylish. The soft jazz in the background made conversation easy. If you are looking for a place to hang with friends and not have to yell to each other while you catch up, I can't imagine a better choice then Maison Ikkoku."

- Chuck - Facebook

Consistently Good for  6 years

"The signature roasted goose (has been on the menu since day 1) is just not legal. It can't be. Something this good should only be in a museum. Every single time I am here I have it and it has been consistently good for 6 years. The cocktails at this hideaway front need a compliment nor does the man behind the concept. Mr. Leong thank you once again for a wonderful experience."

Anant Tyagi — Facebook

The Best Drink in the city !

"I'm a professional bartender, I was in this cocktail bar with my girlfriend and the bartenders makes amazing drink. I told to the bartender I like gin and then he made me a Earl Grey Gin Martini plus elderflower.... WOW!!!! Highly recommended!!"

— Alessandro C. — TripAdvisor,

Hidden Surprise...

"Without our local friend Anthony we would never have found this excellent cocktail bar... The mixologist made us some drinks never to forget..
It is really a place to put on your to do list when going for drinks after dinner in Singapore. Just Do it!!"

Avignon — TripAdvisor


"Impressive! The bartender is almost like a mind-reader. Totally recommended for anyone who wants to try something for fun. Cozy atmosphere and friendly staffs are a plus."

Watcha S. — Facebook

Excellent Cocktails 

"Excellent cocktails in a cosy intimate bar, small terrace overlooking mosque. Unique and refreshing."

— Hiltoncharlie — TripAdvisor

Loved the Lobster Udon & Lobster Linguine

"Been wanting to try this place for sometime. Service was very good and the bespoke cocktail was refreshing. Loved the lobster udon and lobster linguine for Dinner. They used rock lobsters here."

- Danny - Facebook

Best Bespoke Cocktails

"Best bespoke cocktails, customised to exactly how I liked mine. Fantastic ambiance great for a night out with friends but still romantic enough for couples to hangout by the bar. Love it!"

Kaelyn Goh — Facebook


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Maison Ikkoku The Art Of Mixology, the Founder of Bespoke Cocktail in Singapore, Best Bar for Ladies Night Out, Clients Meeting, Housewife Gathering, Celebrations, Private Events, Dinner & Drinks, etc


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